E-Book Review 1: An Erotica Writer’s Confession – Daniella Donati

E-Book Review 1: An Erotica Writer’s Confession – Daniella Donati

British erotic author ‘Dani’ is divorced and in her 40s. When her online friend, the American porn star Magdalene St Matthews, offers to visit her in the UK so that together they can create some memories for the author to write about, her deepest fantasies start to come true.donati

This is  the first part in a series, so was a quick read. I can see the thinking behind this: get readers hooked and hopefully they will keep returning to buy the following instalments. At the same time, I think some people may want something a little more substantial, even for the small cover price. Personally, I’m happy to pay 77p to read a short fantasy, as long as it does grip me, and, of course, turn me on.

It’s a great premise. I think many people have dreamed about the idea of becoming friends – and more – with their favourite erotic actors and actresses. Daniella does a great job  establishing the characters quickly and smoothly. I understood their hopes and their intentions and enjoyed the play between the confident Magdalene and the more reticent Dani. This was important, because in such a short story, there needs to be some characterisation for the sex scenes to reach their potential. However, the first of these scenes, for me, did not quite ring true. It was a nice fantasy, but lacked realism. That’s personal opinion, though – I can totally understand why other readers might like to completely lose themselves and forget about what is and isn’t likely. The second, longer scene, was sexier and more intense, however, and left me wondering what adventures the pair of them might get up to in the future.

There’s a bit of intrigue too, because although Daniella issues a disclaimer at the beginning of her book saying that all characters are fictional, the character of Magdalene does seem to be based on the real life porn star, Magdalene St Michaels, while, of course, Daniella shares a name with the protagonist telling the story. There’s a nice frisson, there, a sense that this is a very real fantasy for Daniella – or did this really happen?

Without wanting to be a pedant, the story could have done with a bit of proofreading and formatting. Sometimes the writing is not quite clear, and simple things such as starting a new line when the dialogue switches between characters would make a big difference in terms of being able to follow who is saying what. But on the whole, this was a fascinating fantasy featuring two older women who can’t wait to get their hands all over each other’s bodies.

3 out of 5 Stars

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