E-Book Review 3: A Taste of London – Lucy Felthouse

E-Book Review 3: A Taste of London – Lucy Felthouse

Sum it up, Hot Stuff: Ryan and Kristian are about to embark on a gap year travel odyssey, but before they even leave the country Kristian is forced to return home. Ryan, however, is not alone for long and is soon attracting the welcome attentions of one or two naughty young ladies…tasteof

Review it, Cupcake: This is the first part in a series that promises to feature lucky Ryan’s sexcapades across Europe and, perhaps, beyond, which will surely open up potential for all kinds of women to exploit our dashing hero. Even in this short period, Ryan finds himself pleasured by two different girls in two unusual places and we’re left with the tantalising prospect of a third scenario with a rather different woman going into the next part of the story.

Publishers Ellora’s Cave have started a ‘For Men’ range, which this story is a part of. It’s told from a man’s point of view, which produces differences both small and large to the more usual woman’s perspective on an erotic story: instead of a woman feeling an orgasm radiating from her core, we get Ryan feeling tingles in his spine and a tenseness in his balls, for example. Moreover, the sex is mainly for his gratification (although the girls enjoy it), and so the roles from a more ‘traditional’ erotic tale are reversed as wide-eyed Ryan is helplessly, gratefully seduced by eager, sexual women.

Neither is Ryan a cliched tall, dark, mysterious, handsome leading man. He’s certainly very attractive, but he’s also insecure, a bit immature, naive and occasionally sweetly sensitive, such as when worrying about coming in a girl’s mouth during a blow job. The women in the story are continually one step ahead of him: always bolder, stronger, more daring. Ryan just seems to get swept along for the very enjoyable ride.

He represents one kind of young male’s ultimate fantasy – he’s irresistible to women and has lots of guilt-free, no-strings sex. The consequence of this is that the sex scenes, enjoyable as they are, lack a little bit of tension: women want him and he allows them to pleasure him – they take the lead and there’s never any doubt that he’ll allow himself to be led. It will be interesting to see how Ryan’s character develops; as he becomes more used to women wanting him at every turn, will he take it for granted? Will he become more predatory, less respectful? Will he ever be forced into a seduction of his own?

Some of the early dialogue between Kristian and Ryan felt, at least to me, a little stilted, or wooden, but perhaps that may settle down once we get to know Kristian a bit more and explore their friendship further. The sex scenes were inventive, hot and fun, and I hope there’s scope to step up to something a little more risque in later episodes. I’m looking forward to the next part, which I can reveal, probably not exclusively, is coming soon. How will Ryan fare with the chic ladies of Paris?

Rate it, Cutie Pie: Four out of Five Stars.

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