E-Book Review 4: Make Mine a Double – Kat Collins

E-Book Review 4: Make Mine a Double – Kat Collins

Sum it up, Babycakes: Plus-sized Samantha is off for a night in Vegas. This is a regular trip for her, a way of unwinding. But this time her glamorous Grandma Alma is coming too. With her influence and encouragement, Sam is about to have the night of her life in bed with two very friendly men…double

Review it, Sexy: This is Kat’s first published erotic story and it has a lot of vibrancy, a lot of great ideas and some interesting characters. Samantha describes herself as a ‘big girl’, who is never comfortable flirting with men. Grandma Alma, however, is something different. Confident, flirtatious, fun-loving – she seems like the exact opposite of Sam. Fortunately, Grandma is not a bully – she’s kindly and encouraging and it’s with her help that Sam gets to live out an incredible fantasy.

Two men, best friends since childhood, are also in Vegas. They like to ‘share’, and, coincidentally, they both love  voluptuous women. Excited by the vision of Sam, they waste little time in persuading her to pay a visit to their room, where Sam is pleasured in just about every way possible.

I think there are a lot of great thoughts behind this story. The character of the pushy but loveable and mildly sex-crazed Grandmother is something new, and the pair of gorgeous men who seem to only hunt together is also a nice touch. Usually threesomes seem to occur a bit more organically, so it makes a change to read about two men who are only interested in finding a woman to fuck together.

However, the story is not quite as polished as it could have been. I’m not someone who is that bothered about grammatical errors (I don’t think I’ve ever read a book by anyone that doesn’t contain the odd mistake – for me it’s the story and the characters that really matter), but this short story does contain a large number of mistakes. Having someone give it a thorough read and a bit of an edit would really help, in my opinion.

I’d have liked Kat to make more use of Grandma Alma, perhaps by having her introduce the two men to Sam, or to have a scene where Grandma hits on one of them. Just something to get her a bit more involved. A potentially unique character was created here, but she’s dropped from the story too early.

The sex scene itself was inventive and fun and Kat clearly enjoyed writing it, but for me it didn’t quite have enough fluency. Although the idea of the fantasy was strong, I didn’t quite feel Sam’s passion. This may partly be down to some of Samantha’s language – she often ends a chapter with ‘Oh my!’, which, to me, feels like a phrase you might normally get when Goldilocks realises one of the three bears has eaten her breakfast – that, however, is probably very much a cultural difference!

Overall, though, this is a good quick read and I’ll definitely be interested to see how Kat develops her style in the future.

Rate it, Honey Pie: Three out of Five Stars.

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