E-Book Review 5: Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land – Liz Adams

E-Book Review 5: Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land – Liz Adams

Sum it up, Honey Bunch: Alice is all grown up. Alice is horny. Alice wants an orgasm.alice

Review it, Sugar Lips: This erotic fiction reviewing lark has been something of a voyage of discovery. I have already enjoyed a story about a gangbang far more than I thought I would, but even up until very recently I didn’t think I would be reading something called ‘Fairy Tale Erotica’. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know such a sub-genre existed. But if you’re going to dive in to the great big jacuzzi of erotica, you have to go naked, lubed-up and open-minded, so here I am, having just finished one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever read. And I’ve read Dr Seuss and everything.

In filmic terms, this book is what you might expect if David Cronenberg, David Lynch, Tim Burton and Tinto Brass were locked in a room together for too long with only a Lewis Carroll paperback and some hallucinogenics for company.

We join Alice in her late teens. She has well and truly discovered her sexuality and finds herself lusting after a sexy gardener. There are two problems: one, she doesn’t believe he would ever fancy her, and two, and this is Alice’s really big problem, she doesn’t believe she can satisfy a man or even achieve orgasm herself.

Before long, Alice finds herself in Liz Adams’ outrageous version of Wonderland. If you thought Carroll’s version was odd, you need to read this. It is unlike anything else I’ve ever read: Alice opens herself to the fingers of curious males who think her love juice is an elixir; Alice swims in her own cum; Alice is licked out by a human caterpillar; Alice plays penis croquet; Alice instigates a four-car sex train that features the Hatter, the Hare and a teapot.

Alice is almost constantly wet, always rocking on the edge of an orgasm, her skirt up and down like a possessed yo-yo, desperate to devour just about every male being she sees. But will all this lust help in her desperate pursuit of Jack the Gardener?

This story is a triumph of imagination, a bizarre yet forensic investigation of one young woman’s sexual insecurities, set in an innocent land that is nevertheless teeming with sex and sexual tension, whether the characters recognise it or not. In all those senses it is wonderful. But – and the argument as to whether this is important or not is for another time – did it turn me on? The answer is no. Whether that’s to do with a discomfort in sexualising a character from my childhood; or because sometimes the descriptions of the sex scenes were difficult to follow; or because the erotic segments were too raucous and weird to be ‘sexy’, I’m not quite sure.

You may feel differently. Suck it and see, as this Alice might have said.

Rate it, Darling: Four out of Five Stars.

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2 thoughts on “E-Book Review 5: Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land – Liz Adams

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I’m working on Through the Looking Glass now and have just completed an erotic version of The Walrus and the Carpenter. In my poem, they work together to find a young woman’s oyster and taste her pearl. 😉

    Meanwhile, my erotic version of Goldilocks, Goldie’s Locks and the Three Men, is also a bestseller, and no one is revealing its secret.


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