E-Book Review 6: Backdoor Bath – Hunter Darkly

E-Book Review 6: Backdoor Bath – Hunter Darkly

Sum it up, Sugar Tits: Sex in the bath. With added watersports.bath

Review it, Angel Face: This is a very, very short story – just a few pages – and features a man and a woman having sex in the bath. It’s perfectly well-written, the description is fine and pleasingly graphic, but really it’s just a quick fuck. For me, I need something more. At least a little bit of build-up, something to ratchet up some tension. I think it’s quite difficult to really engage in a scene where you know so little about the characters. A flavour is given of who they might be, but that’s it. A fun story if you fancy a quick bit of filth before bed. I do think Hunter has genuine talent, however, and would love to read something more substantial from her.

Rate it, Love Muffin: Three out of Five Stars.

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