The Inappropriately Personal Author Interview: No.2 – Emma Styles

Emma Styles is an intriguing person. She has spent much of the last 20 years raising a family, managing a business, being happily married and, well, exploring every single sexual desire or fantasy you could possibly imagine. The woman is some kind of untouchable Goddess (at least to us mere mortals), but luckily she has decided to give us all a gushing taste of this life in her memoir, First Tango in Paris.

It’s an intriguing book, jam-packed with sex (and food), that will leave you fascinated, horny and, let’s face it, envious. You can read my four star review of First Tango in Paris here, but first, let’s take a graceful dive into Emma’s scintillatingly sexy mind…


Emma’s favourite tipple

CD: What made you want to write a memoir about your sexual awakening?
Emma: Two reasons. Firstly I’d had bought a new Macbook Pro and while showing it off during a dinner party to a few close friends they ganged up on me and, knowing I keep comprehensive diaries of my exploits, challenged me to commit my story to paper – as it were. “Go for it!” they said. “How hard can it be?” Of course, none of us quite knew what writing a book of nearly 100,000 words entails!

Secondly, the 50 Shades phenomenon was upon the world, so out of interest I read the trilogy to see what all the fuss was about. To be honest, I found it all rather tedious and I didn’ty engage with the characters – it was all a bit Mills and Boon with the odd anal probe thrown in to the mix. I wanted to present a truthful, factual account, where the people exist, the places exist and it’s happening right now. Never once have I encountered people with fairytale names like Gideon/Ayden/Anastasia etc, so I set out to let my readers experience real people in the real world.

CD: How have friends reacted to your story?
Emma: Everyone has been very supportive and many helped fill in a few bits that I’d either not been present at or had had one too many J.D’s to recall the following day – although thankfully that was rare. A 74-year-old aunt of a friend of ours read it and it put a healthy glow into her cheeks!

CD: You write a lot about your experiences in the sex clubs in Paris. Can you remember how you felt the first time you visited one of these clubs?
Emma: Excited, nervous, inquisitive and very, very horny.

CD: The book is crammed with incredible sexual encounters – groups, BDSM, sex with strangers – but come on, be brave, if you had to pick one to keep forever, which one would it be?
Emma: My pick would actually be in my next book and involves a cast of thousands on my 40th birthday. It was awesome beyond belief. But from the current book, if I had to pick one memorable night, it would be with the French Firefighters of the River Seine.

CD: Are you writing under your real name? If so, did you ever think about using a pseudonym?
Emma: No, it’s my real name. I wanted a fully accurate account and to use a pen name would have been hypocritical.

CD: You and your husband obviously have an open, relaxed marriage that clearly involves incredible trust and an enduring love… but given all your adventures both together and alone, do you still enjoy a quickie on the sofa at home, or a late night fumble in bed?
Emma: God yes, but it’s usually a bit more adventurous than the sofa. In fact, we did have a great little ‘quickie’, as you put it,  in a changing room in Harvey Nichols recently – we were even seen by a young female shop assistant!

CD: You’re wonderfully open to new experiences, but have you ever had to draw the line with a sexual partner?
TangoMaskCoverPUB#1Emma: Yes, but luckily only once and that was at a party Berlin. A midget wanted me to back to his hotel and pee on him and kick him around his room. Not my thing – but amusing looking back. He even offered me money, but again that’s not my thing. But hey – each to their own.

CD: Based on looks, which celebrity would be your perfect male sexual partner? How about your perfect female partner?
Emma: Any good looking man who is funny, charming, elegant, cultured.. and isn’t called Christian/Tarquin etc. The female celebrity actually happened in 2009 in London, but no names – you’ll have to guess when you read the second part of my memoirs. The only clue is that she’s from the land down under and has an amazing figure…

CD: Tell us about the follow-up to First Tango in Paris.
Emma: Having had a quick look at my diaries, there’s a lot to write. But as with the first part, it will be crammed with explicit, sexual shenanigans that are, of course, 100% true. Oh, and there will be an interesting chapter concerning a long haul flight with the world’s favourite airline… You gotta love the new Airbus A380 and its crew!

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