E-Book Review 13: Siren Allen – Lovers Unchained: Curse of the Dark Witch, Book 1

E-Book Review 13: Siren Allen – Lovers Unchained: Curse of the Dark Witch, Book 1

Sum it up, Sexy Legs: Jude the Demon is kept as a sex slave by a sexy, blood-and-cum thirsty vampire called Lana. Can he escape and fulfil his mission?

Review it, Peaches: First of all, I must offer a disclaimer. I am not into fantasy or paranormal books, TV series or movies. I don’t have anything against this kind of genre, I don’t look down on it, I think it’s totally valid and I understand its popularity. But it just doesn’t do anything for me. For example, after an initial fun start I found True Blood to be infuriating and dull, while I only sat through one interminable slice of Lord of the Rings because I was promised sexual favours if I did so.siren

It’s not that I don’t have the vampire fetish that many of us have these days. I think vampires can be extremely hot, and there is something inescapably sexual about blood-sucking. And yet… I can’t quite remember ever really loving a vampire movie (apart from The Lost Boys, obvs) and, until now, I have never read a vampire book.

However, one of the reasons for starting this blog was to explore new things – to open my mind and really delve into the vast array of erotica out there. Recently I decided it was time to dip into a bit of supernatural erotica, and that’s how I ended up reading this wonderfully fun and sexy story by the excellent Siren Allen.

In truth, Lovers Unchained is a tantalising introduction to what I expect to be a vast, roaming series through various fantasy realms, involving plenty of beguiling inter-creature sex. Our star is Jude, a powerful demon who has been laid low by a curse and is now entrapped by a beautiful, powerful vampire called Lana, who uses him every day for sex… except she never gets any actual penetration because he goes limp every time she tries to mount him. This drives Lana wild, and while she is intent on killing him eventually, she becomes obsessed with discovering why her charms will not work when it comes to a proper fuck. You can’t blame her – anyone would get bored of giving a demon head every day and not getting anything back in return.

Into the mix are several more intriguing characters – Bruce, Lana’s apparently faithful servant; Carissa, a beautiful being who has an immediate connection with Jude; and Cole, a vampire who swings both ways. The action is mainly confined to Lana’s lair, with helpful bits of history thrown in as the story develops and as we get get to know the characters more fully. This creates an enjoyably claustrophobic atmosphere throughout the book – the reader knows that there are huge, exciting realms out there to find out about, yet Siren keeps us, and Jude, locked in this tiny area, offering only tiny glimpses of the outside worlds.

Siren also does a fantastic job at introducing the different creatures – vampires, demons, ghouls (who seem particularly rancid and evil) and others, so that even a relative novice in the genre like me can understand their powers, thoughts and actions without any trouble.

And overall, it’s a lot of fun. What I particularly enjoyed was that we are given these well-drawn characters – the wicked Lana, the sumptuous Jude, the sensual Carissa – all of whom have huge pressures and important quests that need to be dealt with, and yet they are all obsessed, hamstrung and all-consumed by sex. They can’t help themselves. They regularly get busy with creatures they despise and even when locked in solitary cells they engage in noisy mutual masturbation. It all makes me wonder how things will go in future books: can they get their hands out of each other’s pants for long enough to achieve their important non-sexual goals? Just how many hours a day can Jude sustain his mammoth erection? Is Carissa’s essence sweet enough to sweeten your morning coffee?

I don’t normally comment on my star marks, but I will here. This is a well-written book, I like the characters and the sex is great. But despite all that, I’m not a paranormal convert. It’s just not ‘for’ me. And for that reason, I’ve knocked one star off – but this is based purely on personal preference. If you like a bit of supernatural in your erotica, or a bit of erotica in your supernatural, I guarantee you’ll love this and will be begging Siren to hurry up with Book 2.

Rate it, Hottie: Four out of Five Stars.

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