E-Book Review 14: Danielle Austen – The Magi’s Daughter

E-Book Review 14: Danielle Austen – The Magi’s Daughter: Book Two in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

Sum it up, you horny bastard: Some sex-crazed magical beings have a lot of sex while coming under threat from a really evil sex-crazed magic lunatic intent on universe-domination (and doing a lot of sex).

Review it, you dirty slut: So, having admitted in my last review that I’m not a massive fan of fantasy, here I am reviewing another fantasy book straight away. I confess, I am still not a convert to the genre, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this very well-written novel by Danielle Austen – in fact I loved it, mainly because she really does know how to write erotica.magi

The sex scenes in this story come, if you’ll excuse the wholly deliberate pun, very thick and very fast. There’s tons of fucking. Girl-Boy; Girl-Girl; Girl-Girl-Boy; Girl-Boy-Boy; Girl-Boy-Girl-Boy… and so on. Pretty much any combination you can think of, really, apart from an all male scene. There’s so much flagrant fornication, and it’s always so good, so varied, so well-described and so, basically, hot, that it’s a wonder Danielle has space to weave in an actual plot. Maybe that’s why she’s taking three books to tell this particular story. I don’t know – but I’m glad she is.

I haven’t read the first book, but I think this can pretty much stand alone – I didn’t really feel like I was playing catch-up, but if I was to recommend Danielle, I would suggest starting at the beginning, because I suspect it would be worthwhile.

The story focuses on a family of ‘Magi’ (broadly, magical beings) – parents Dmitri and Lindsey and stunning, white-haired daughter Cereza. It’s partly the tale of Cereza’s coming of age (covered in wonderfully graphic detail) but it’s also the story of the threat to all magi from the dastardly, murderous magician Angelito. I think that, without exception, all characters enjoy an extremely active sex-life (have I mentioned that?).

This story really belongs to Cereza, a magi with great powers who is still learning how to control them and when to use them. This mirrors her exploration into her sexuality, which starts a little awkwardly and experimentally, but soon develops into a wholly believable and intense love affair with an Italian stud. Clearly, she takes after her parents, who  enjoy entertaining couples in a private room where all kinds of filth goes on. It’s delightful.

Even Angelito, the nasty bastard, loves the act of love, even if it’s rarely particularly gentle or romantic. Danielle covers a great number of fantasies within this story – different ages, different sexes and plenty of different positions and implements, and it’s this admirable diversity that means her erotic scenes are constantly intriguing and arousing. I’ve read plenty of stories where you do feel that once you’ve read one sex scene, you’ve read them all, but Danielle is genuinely expert at keeping things fresh. I read much of this story on trains to and from work, and it was both a pleasurable and slightly awkward sensation because each day the story genuinely turned me on.

However, some element of personal taste has to come into any review, and the fact is I am still not sold on fantasy as the genre for me. I find the sudden blasts of magic and amazing power a little, well, silly. In no way do I look down on anyone who loves fantasy, by the way, this is just how I feel when reading it. For example, it seems weird to me that super-magical beings that can use telekinesis and stuff still have use for things like condoms. It’s a weird mixing of the amazing and the mundane.

I always feel that I’m slightly locked out of the fantasy world with its particular obsessions and styles and conventions. And yet, I do love great erotica, and Danielle’s erotica is undeniably great. She provokes physical evidence of that. Perhaps at times it veers slightly towards what I would think is more male fantasy than female, but I think those boundaries are blurring towards disappearance these days.

A fun novel that I think fantasy fans will adore and erotica fans will admire. If you love fantasy and erotica, I suggest you read this book. Quickly.

Rate it, you sexy bitch: Four out of Five Stars.

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