E-Book Review 15: Richard Ready – Sex Personals Stories 4

E-Book Review 15: Richard Ready – Sex Personals Stories 4: Mega Blowout Volume

Sum it up, Sexy Beast: A short story featuring a well hung sex machine with incredible stamina, culminating in a big orgy.

Review it, Hot Stuff: I was thinking that the way to approach this review was to start a bit of a debate abut the difference between erotica told from the male point of view and the female point of view. But that seems like an enormous subject better suited to a separate blog. So I’ll do that another time.Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 14.48.18

I was mulling this because the stories I’ve read that we might very, very broadly term as ‘male erotica’ have been a little disappointing. For example, I found the George Pappas book, Monogamy Sucks, to be quite unsettling and rarely erotic. It wasn’t a bad read, but I felt that it regularly came uncomfortably close to misogyny. Richard’s short story didn’t leave me with those feelings, but it is a tale that highlights the difficulties of writing erotica where the ‘hero’ is a man.

I haven’t read the other stories in Richard’s series, so I don’t know the full back story to lead character Joel’s life, but he’s basically a fairly likeable, if private man, who refuses to be pinned down and who wants as much sex as he can get. Plus, he has an enormous cock and incredible staying power. And here’s my first issue: is such a man a man’s fantasy – someone a man wishes he was? Or is he a woman’s fantasy of what they want a lover to be capable of (this is a ‘straight’ story, so let’s leave aside the fantasies of gay men for now)? Or both? Or neither? Does a man want to read about another man who does things that are fairly likely to make the reader feel sexually inadequate? Are women really obsessed only with stamina and penis size?

We do know that Joel is fairly decent sort – he helps some people jump the line at a club by paying off the bouncer, for example. And he treats women well, even if his main goal is a raucous fuck. But beyond that, he is almost robotic; a man that drifts from one sexual encounter to another, always performing with rigour and vigour, never really concerned by much in life apart from his next lay. And that’s the problem here: there’s not a lot of light and shade – Joel is great in bed, he fucks a lot of women, he never falters. The man is a machine. There’s a lack of jeopardy here; it’s simply a case of who he’s going to fuck next and when.

But if the characters are broad and the story simple (Richard bows to an older woman’s plea that he dominate her, and is later involved in an impromptu orgy at a student house party with fuck buddy Cherise), the fact is that Richard can certainly write a good sex scene. His style is ferocious and to the point: this is fucking, pure and simple, so if you’re looking for a visceral, rapid, one-handed read then this may be the story for you. Personally, I prefer a bit more suspense, a bit more intrigue, a bit more subtlety.

But what this story does offer is three confidently-written, hardcore sex scenes that perhaps men in particular might dream of taking part in. The women are perhaps rather one-dimensional fantasies – the slightly pathetic older woman who’s desperate for a good seeing to; the student slut etc. There’s even a woman so turned on by watching Joel’s cocksmanship that we’re told she’s rubbing her pussy without even knowing it – that’s the kind of sexual power Joel possesses. But despite all this, Richard does conjure some enjoyably dirty images, particularly in the orgy scene.

On occasion, the writing is a little slack: two or three times, Joel briefly becomes ‘Greg’; tenses are sometimes mixed up; and we see everything through Joel’s eyes until one moment near the end when we suddenly jump into the mind of one of the women he’s having sex with, which is rather jarring.

Overall, though, this is an enjoyably filthy piece of work that would perhaps benefit from being taken in the context of the other stories in the series. From a personal point of view, I’d like Richard to develop his characters and the story a little further, which would add greater weight and intrigue to the sex – but I also accept that perhaps that’s not the point with stories like these. It’s about quick, rough gratification, and on that level, Richard certainly delivers.

Rate it, you sex maniac: Three out of Five Stars.

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