E-Book Review 18: Emma Styles – Distracted

E-Book Review 18: Emma Styles – Distracted

Sum it up, Cheeky: Emma’s back with lots more squirting, gushing and swallowing – this time, in Spain!

Review it, you dirty bitch: Emma Styles’ first rampantly filthy memoir (First Tango in Paris, reviewed here) was an orgasmic success on both sides of the Atlantic, rocketing her to the top of the erotica charts on Amazon for several weeks. She’s been promising a kind of follow-up, but while we wait for that, she’s released this short appetiser detailing her various sexual encounters in Spain that she enjoyed while trying to write the sequel.distracted

Fans of her first book will not be disappointed because essentially it’s more of the same. Emma’s delightfully insatiable appetite for sex and fearless pursuit of carnal pleasure make for a typically easy and fun romp of a read as she samples the local cuisine, the local wine and, naturally, the local men and women. There are fabulously naughty scenes on a nudist beach, a poolside party that gets completely out of control and, to top it off, a raucously decadent orgy in which Emma and her friend Antonia are furiously feasted upon by a ravenous gaggle of well-hung studs.

Emma’s life seems rather like how it might feel to live in a porno movie. Almost everyone is up for some fun, although here everyone is also incredibly polite and well-behaved. It’s a kind of sexual utopia: very free love, perhaps, but less hippyish. Emma herself, you’ll be pleased to know, is still a prodigious gusher at even the slightest of hint of stimulation, while all her male counterparts, even the old ones who she jacks off in the shady areas of the nudist beach, never fail to shoot torrents of spunk into the air after a few minutes of attention from her tongue or expert fingers. The only surprise is that we haven’t yet heard of Emma fucking the plumber.

Can all this really be true? Are there really people who live this kind of sexually deviant (I use the word in the nicest, spiciest possible way, of course) and decadent lives, with time taken up by sex, alcohol, poppers and a bit of writing when there’s time? Are orgies this commonplace? It seems so – but in fact it doesn’t really matter – just imagining that this is all true is fun enough.

It’s difficult to sum Emma’s work up succinctly. It’s a struggle to call it ‘erotica’, as such, because her descriptions of sex are delivered in such a matter-of-fact way – possibly because for Emma, incredible group sex or fucking a kindly, horny, rich, suave gent, aren’t the once-in-a-lifetime events they might be for most of the rest of us. That doesn’t mean reading about her adventures isn’t hot, because it is, but Emma’s aim is not to build a scene, to create an erotic spectacle full of flowery language and eager suspense, with a climactic release at the end. She’s just telling us about her real life sex life. And in that sense, she’s found a rather lovely niche amidst all the 50 Shades copycats.

This is a short set of encounters in comparison with the first book – you could probably enjoy the whole thing on a train journey of a decent length – and while it is very similar to the first book, Emma’s style has been tightened and the editing seems to be a bit more stringent, which is welcome. There is perhaps still a touch too much on what kind of food and drink she’s enjoying from one day to the next, but it’s certainly been reined in from the first book. And if you liked the frank descriptions of debauchery from First Tango, you’ll love the naughty stories contained here. Pure, wonderful, matter-of-fact filth.

Rate it, babycakes: Four out of Five Stars.
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