E-Book Review 19: Katie Cramer – What Lisa Did

E-Book Review 19: Katie Cramer – What Lisa Did

Sum it up, Hot Lips: Lisa, a mother in her mid-30s, receives an unusual ‘present’ from her husband. But is it for her enjoyment – or his?

Review it, Stud: I picked this up almost randomly on Amazon as it was advertised in my ‘Customers who bought this…’ section. I went for it because it was a short story, it sounded a bit different from what I’ve read before and because it was free. Now, normally, I don’t go for freebies. I’m suspicious of them. Katie Cramer has put the first two sections of her ‘What Lisa Did’ trilogy up as free, but you need to pay for the last one. I do get the marketing behind that, which obviously works for a lot of people, but still, even though I know the best things in life are free, I tend to not include short e-books in that category. So it was with a broadening smile that I read this delicious, well-constructed and very hot tale.lisa

First of all, it’s well written. As I explore the world of erotica I’m finding that there is a chasm between the best stuff and the worst stuff in terms of style and ability to actually write. While this isn’t an all-time classic, the style and the characterisations are a delight and it’s a story that grabbed my attention and then held it effortlessly for its 10,000-odd words.

Lisa is a happily-married mother. She enjoys a passable, but far from sparkling sexual relationship with husband Rob, who seems like a loving gent. All in all their life seems pretty standard. But, for her 35th birthday, he decides to give her an unusual gift. Yes, lingerie, of course. But Rob isn’t the one Lisa will be wearing it for – it’s a man named Dan, a professional stud who describes himself as a ‘cock for hire’ (and what a cock it is!), that will have the pleasure of unwrapping the beautiful Lisa.

So, it’s a nice premise, but where it stands apart from many stories is in the characters. Lisa is a completely believable 35-year-old woman, full of conflicting thoughts, of a belief that she’s happy, with a nagging a doubt that she could be happier. Because they’ve been married for a while, she doesn’t quite realise, or has forgotten, how desirable she is or can be. So she has lost a bit of confidence in herself. We see her go out for a drink with a girlfriend and their conversation feels normal, not forced, as if the author herself might have similar conversations every week.

So, even within this short story, you quickly find yourself relating to Lisa, you like her and feel like you understand her. And, for me, this knowledge of a character makes the sex all the better. And certainly Katie does not let us down when it comes to the big scene with Dan – which is being filmed for Rob’s enjoyment at a later date. It’s beautifully played, well described, believable and pleasingly dirty. Basically, a very well written bit of fucking. Lovely. Lisa’s gradual flowering from timid and unsure to bold and confident is perfectly conveyed and makes for an extremely erotic encounter with an experienced, selfless and gorgeous professional lover.

The story, however, is billed as ‘cuckold erotica’ and all the way through I kept thinking to myself – how is Rob a cuckold here? You’ll have to read to find out the how and the why, but the punchline is delivered with the sort of sly subtlety that will make you eager to pick up volume 2 – I know i will be.

Rate it, Honey Bunny: Five out of Five Stars.
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