E-Book Review 20: Phebe Bodelle – Slut Wife

E-Book Review 20: Phebe Bodelle – Slut Wife

Sum it up, Bitch: Sexually promiscuous Laura fucks around a lot, gets married to her male equivalent, then fucks around a lot.

Review it, Sexy Beast: As I continue my odyssey through the world of written erotica (some say cliterature, some say wank books), it feels as if most publications fall easily into certain categories within the hot and sexy genre (with the possible exception of the extremely singular Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, which deserves a category all of its own). This short story,  by the prolific Phebe Bodelle (15 works in the last two years, no less), is part of a category that feels like… well, the closest I can get is the written equivalent of amateur porn. It’s joyful, in its way; it’s fun, yet a little odd; and it’s almost totally lacking in anything like plot or suspense or even much sense of lust or desire for other humans – only for the act of a prick entering a cunt or an asshole or a mouth. It’s animalistic. It’s fucking in the raw, for the sake of fucking in the raw.slut

‘Slut Wife’ stars Laura, a self-confessed slut who can’t get enough sex. She loves it. Absolutely loves it. And doesn’t care who knows it. Early on she meets a guy at a bar and takes him home to fuck his brains out, but like all the other men she meets, his sex drive isn’t wild or consistent enough for her. Her next encounter is with three black men (‘I have no problem with colour’, she helpfully informs us, before taking a cock in each hole as if on a crusade to prove her commitment to multiculturalism), after they help her fix a flat tyre on a lonely road. And then she meets Justin.

Justin is a human fucking machine. He’s the only man she’s met that can keep up with her and vice versa, so naturally, after a while, they get married. They swing with Justin’s best friend and his fiancee, get involved in orgies on their honeymoon, and generally fuck around. A lot.

That’s pretty much it, so if straight-to-the-point, raw-as-hell fucking is your bag, then this is definitely for you. Personally, I like stories to woo me just a little, to create some excitement, to hint at possibilities, to describe the sex with some elegance in amongst the delicious filth. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

‘Slut Wife’ is just a little too earthy. For example: ‘I used a hand to wank the length of his cock while my lips got to work on the knob head. He tasted mostly fresh with just a hint of pee, must have showered.’ Now, that line did make me laugh, but it’s not erotic. At least, not for me – I’m perfectly aware that some people reading this may adore water sports.

And this certainly is a story filled with interesting turns of phrases that might make you pause, scrunch up your mouth, or stifle a giggle: ‘By this time the fire of passion was burning in my gut and only a good dollop of creamy cum pumping inside me would put it out.’ As I say – it’s very… to the point.

Phebe could also do with a proofreader – there are a few mistakes in this story, most of them not too noticeable, but she does get confused at least twice over one particular word: ‘I reached over to his crutch and was well satisfied with the big solid bulge I felt.’ To be fair, crutches are usually pretty solid, or they’re not much use to anyone.

It is a fun read, but essentially it’s a series of very graphic, no holds-barred sexual encounters strung together with very little in between.

Rate it, Sex Kitten: Three out of Five Stars.
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