Here’s a secret: C.D. Foxwell is not a person. It’s two people. One male, one female. One husband, one wife. One reads, one writes. One is an editor, one is a proofreader. One licks, one sucks (something like that, anyway).

We don't own this yet. Soon.

We don’t own this yet. Soon.

Together, C.D. Foxwell plans to write a series of erotic short stories published as anthologies over the course of 2013 and the start of 2014. The first, Sex with a Sting, is available now on Amazon.

This all came about because:

  1. One of us loves to write filthy stories.
  2. The other loves to read them.
  3. We both love the results that follow.
  4. There’s a vague hope that, despite the huge erotic sea of erotic authors out there, perhaps we may be able to make a few shekels out of this venture, too, which would allow us to kit our bedroom out with all kinds of sexual paraphernalia, or, you know, help us pay for our weekly food shopping.

But it’s not just about our stories. It’s about the enormous community of erotic authors (authors of erotica? erotic authors of erotica?) around the world. We intend to read as many sexy short stories and dirty full-length novels as we can, and we’ll review them here, bringing you our opinion on just who is writing the best smut – who gets us the wettest/hardest. We should add: we won’t be doing any hatchet jobs. Books we don’t like for whatever reason will simply not make the website – if you can’t say anything nice… (become a dom?).

We’ll also occasionally ponder some of the most important questions that face erotic authors of erotica today, such as: ‘Is ‘nub’ an acceptable synonym for ‘clitoris’? And: ‘Who do you think of when writing a sex scene?’

So, enjoy the site, follow us on Twitter and if you’d like to see your book reviewed, do take your clothes off and visit our Submissions page.

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