Sex with a Sting

Sex with a Sting is the title of our first collection of erotic short stories. We hope to turn it into our own sexy little brand as we publish more collections in the series over the coming months.

Go on, buy it now...

Go on, buy it now…

Our idea for this first collection was to focus on common, almost cliched, everyday fantasies: sex on a plane; sex in the office; online dating; sex between strangers; a threesome and sex in a hotel.

We wanted to take these well-worn fantasies and twist them into something new and original, to make them fascinating, to people them with compelling characters and intriguing stories and to produce a surprise, a sting, a kink at the end of each tale. And, above all, we wanted to make each story a deliciously erotic picnic for your naughty senses.

The stories feature strong, independent and sometimes vengeful women, as well as hot, desirous, men – sweethearts and bastards both.

There’s plenty of riotous fucking of course: sometimes it’s almost unbearably intense, sometimes it’s genuinely funny, sometimes it’s shocking but it’s always (hopefully) gloriously hot with plenty to stimulate your mind while, we like to imagine, you stimulate your body too. They all make for great bedtime reading, but we recommend reading them in public – on the bus, on the train, on the plane, in cafes, at work, in the park… surreptitiously reading lovely smut in public always gives us a thrill.

We hope you’ll take a chance on this collection so you can find out, for example, what happens when Olivia and Matt take part in ‘The Sexlympics’, or why on earth Liz would reward love rat Ethan with a breathtaking threesome.

Do come back and tell us what you think – and if you have a location, a prop or a fetish that you’d like to be featured in a future Sex with a Sting story, we would especially like to hear from you. There’s nothing like writing to order. Just email: cdfoxwellbooks at

Buy Sex with a Sting: Six Erotic Fantasies with a Kink in the Tail

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